Week Ten Football Rankings

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Here are the quarterback and running back rankings for Week 10.

Table One: Quarterback Rankings for Week Ten

Table Two: Running Back Rankings for Week Ten

Two quick stories:

1. Kevin Smith of the Lions is ranked 18th in Net Points per game.  If we turn to Net Points per play, though, he is ranked 5th in the league.  And he is the top rookie running back by this latter metric. 

2. Brian Burke – at Advanced NFL Stats – has researched a question I was interested in (but never got around to researching).  Specifically, he looked at how the Jets and Dolphins have improved this year.  The column is especially important to Lions fans, since the Dolphins were the Lions of 2007.  What Miami is doing this year should give Detroit fans some hope. 

By the way, Brian has established that the Lions have a 100% chance of finishing in last place. What is the probability, though, that the Lions will not win a game this year?  The remaining schedule consists of playoff contenders, so the last seven weeks look bleak. Still, one would think there is a non-zero probability the Lions can win one game. 

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