A Fun LeBron Story in the Wall Street Journal

Posted on April 29, 2010 by


Here is a fun story from David Biderman of the Wall Street Journal.  In “LeBron’s So Great, Can We Share Him?” , Biderman asks an interesting question:  What if the Nets and Knicks both hired LeBron for next season?  Biderman went through the schedule and established that it’s possible for LeBron to play 41 games for each team.  Such a schedule would dramatically limit LeBron’s travel time.  And Thanks to some statistical wizardry from sports economist Dave Berri, who has developed a way to measure how much an individual player’s contributions on the court affect his team’s wins and losses, it’s even possible to get a rough fix on how the two teams would have fared.”

My calculations involve looking at how LeBron would have impacted each of these teams in 2009-10.  To see these calculations, please click on over to the article.

– DJ