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The following our pages detail the stories I have told each of the past four summers.

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For each team in the NBA, I would write a review of the prior season from the perspective of Wins Produced.  By the time each summer was over (or at least, before the next NBA season began), one could see the Wins Produced and WP48 of every player in the Association. Obviously for some fans, they would have to wait until September or October before they could see their team’s evaluation.

Well, thanks to Andres Alvarez, the summer of 2010 will be different.  Andres has managed to automate the Wins Produced calculation.  And last night he launched a website with numbers for every team in 2009-10. 

Automated Wins Produced

To view these numbers, you will need to have Microsoft Silverlight installed on your computer (it takes just a few moments to download this program, which I believe is similar to Adobe).  Once you are able to access the numbers, you will see every player’s position (determined by looking at position designation, height, and Body Mass Index), Minutes, ADJ P48, WP48, Wins (i.e. Wins Produced), Wins per million dollars paid, and 2009-10 salary (for details on how ADJ P48, WP48, and Wins Produced are calculated, please see Calculating Wins Produced)   The numbers are only for 2009-10.  Older numbers will also be posted in the future. And of course, these numbers will be offered for the 2010-11 season. 

Now that these numbers are available, team reviews can be written by actual fans of each team.  And over the summer, that is what will be posted in this forum.  Yes, I will still be writing.  But for the most part, I am going to be working as editor of what other people have written.

The first post with these numbers should be up later today.  And I am looking forward to many more posts with the numbers from Andres Alvarez (who we should all once again thank for all his hard work).

UPDATE:  There is some confusion the how positions are designated.  Just so everyone understands…  positions are assigned via an algorithm (as it says above).  The algorithm considers the position designations at Basketball-Reference.  Then it looks at a player’s height and body mass index. So Andres is not assigning positions.  The algorithm is doing this for him.  If he does this by hand… well, you don’t get an automated version of Wins Produced and we are back where we started.  If you don’t agree with where the algorithm puts a player, feel free to look at ADJ P48 and the position averages (which I think are listed in another post).  You can then calculate WP48 according to whatever position you think is correct.

– DJ

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