Wages of Wins Podcast: Fantasy 3 on 3

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Imagine this in a draft.

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Wages of Wins Podcast – 3 on 3 Fantasy Draft Winners and Losers

On the Miami Heat Podcast Heat Freak’s Alfredo Arteaga(@UptownReport) had a fantastic idea. What if during the lockout some of the leagues top players got together and ran an ultimate 3 on 3 tournament? With that several members of the Wages of Wins Network got together and held a fantasy draft for such a torunament. Unless the top talent in the NBA suddenly decides to fufill our wishes though all we can do is speculate on who would win. To decide our winners though we decided to have two ‘impartial judges’ that didn’t participate pick grade each team and one player that did participate in the draft to talk about it:

Here’s a brief reminder of our other contestants:

So in order here are the teams and contestants and how we graded them. Each judge had one A, two Bs and three Cs to hand out.

Devin Dignam – Steve Nash, Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom and Kevin Garnett

  • Mosi (B) (with some reservations) This team is limited on outside shooting except for Steve Nash. Nash also takes both the role of shooter and passer, which hurts this team.
  • Dre (B) Good ball handler in Nash, great wing in Odom and best available bigs in Gasol and Garnett. It’s a strong team it’s just not the best team. (Devin agreed with this)
  • Devin’s thoughts – Would give himself a B just because he isn’t the best pick for an A.

Ben Gulker – Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, Arron Afflalo and Kobe Bryant

  • Mosi (C) Arron Afflalo is the weak link on this team. Paul and Griffin were exciting but it just didn’t pan out.
  • Dre  (C+) This team was close with Paul and Griffin but Afflalo barely puts this team in the C range. That said it’s my favorite of the Cs.
  • Devin’s thoughts – Ben needed another forward like player with his third pick.

Arturo Galletti – Dwight Howard, Dwyane Wade, Paul Pierce and Jason Kidd

  • Mosi (A) You’ve got to have a great shooter, a big and a passer. Arturo has that in spades.
  • Dre  (A) Top Center in the league and top Shooting Guard in the league and top five wing in the league. Jason Kidd doesn’t even need to suit up.
  • Devin’s Thoughts – Getting Howard pretty much sealed this for Arturo. It’s not very close.

Patrick Minton – Kevin Durant, Dirk Nowitzki, Mike Dunleavy and Landry Fields

  • Mosi (C) This is the worst team in the league. Fields and Dunleavy have no business playing.
  • Dre  (C) This team is the most fascinating to me. I don’t think they’re favorites but they have a great shot to surprise.
  • Devin’s Thoughts – I think this team is weak in areas. If they’re hot they could upset some teams but they’re not good enough to compete.

James Brocato – LeBron James, Ray Allen, Zach Randolph and Andrei Kirilenko

  • Mosi (B) This team has all of  the components. No one is stopping LeBron and it comes down to this team and Arturo’s.
  • Dre – (B) Might take Garnett over Randolph. That said easily the second best team in this league.
  • Devin’s Thoughts – Zach Randolph is the weak link on this team. Also Andrei Kirilenko played well in Eurobasket 2011.

Greg Steele – Kevin Love, Manu Ginobili, Josh Smith and Stephen Curry

  • Mosi – (C) Confused by Josh Smith and Manu Ginobili, especially given Greg’s excellent fantasy skills. This team will have to double team on defense, which is a recipe for disaster.
  • Dre – (C) Kevin Love is great. Ginobili is not as strong in a league without free throws.
  • Devin’s Thoughts – Josh Smith was to try and help Love on defense. That said Love was probably picked too high.

Listen for more banter and even more analysis about how Arturo’s team could potentially be stopped. Sorry for any participants we may have offended. Of course the only thing more fun that making fantasy teams is arguing about which teams are the best.