How Much is Your Team Worth?

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Yesterday I did a quick breakdown of how much every player with 500+ minutes in the NBA would be worth on the open market if they were paid based on their 2010-2011 production. Frequent commenter Fricktho had a great idea. What if we broke it down by team? So here’s the value of each team at the end of 2011.

Table 1: Value of NBA Rosters at the End of the 2010-2011 Season

Team Roster Value (millions of $)
Miami Heat $116.2
Chicago Bulls $108.4
Los Angeles Lakers $105.0
Orlando Magic $104.1
Dallas Mavericks $102.7
Boston Celtics $102.5
Oklahoma City Thunder $100.8
Memphis Grizzlies $97.6
San Antonio Spurs $92.2
Portland Trail Blazers $87.9
Philadelphia 76ers $82.1
New York Knicks $80.3
Phoenix Suns $80.2
New Orleans Hornets $80.0
Milwaukee Bucks $79.7
Indiana Pacers $79.7
Atlanta Hawks $75.5
Denver Nuggets $75.4
Houston Rockets $71.1
Minnesota Timberwolves $67.0
Golden State Warriors $66.2
Utah Jazz $62.7
Los Angeles Clippers $61.2
New Jersey Nets $61.1
Detroit Pistons $59.8
Toronto Raptors $56.8
Cleveland Cavaliers $51.6
Sacramento Kings $48.1
Washington Wizards $39.0
Charlotte Bobcats $38.0

notes on methodology:

  • Players are counted towards the team they were on as of June 30th, 2011, according to Basketball-Reference’s transaction log.
  • A player’s value is counted towards the team they were last on, even if they are a now a free agent or a restricted free agent.
  • However, Sonny Weems, Joey Dorsey, Kenyon Martin, Wilson Chandler, and J.R. Smith are not counted as they have signed exclusive deals overseas.
  • Players values for the whole season were counted towards the team that had them at the end of the season. For instance Marcin Gortat was worth $15.7 million, and this full value is counted towards Phoenix.

Fun Notes

  • The Miami Heat were worth twice the salary cap last season, and three times as much as the lowest valued-team, the Bobcats.
  • Toronto, Cleveland, Sacramento, Washington and Charlotte were the only teams with rosters valued below the salary cap.
  • The average ($77.8) and median ($79.7) teams are above last year’s luxury tax limit ($70.3).
  • Michael Jordan has done a terrible job of running the Bobcats.
– Dre
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